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April 19, 2010
Chicks and Vampires

It's been so very long since I've addressed you, my darling public. And for that, I must apologize. Many an event has taken place in my clandestine world. I am now a mercenary for hire. My company has downsized and I am looking for work. I've also been trying to polish up some new skills. I'm going to try and break into the gaming industry. This is the perfect opportunity for it. I'm still out in sunny California. But now I'm in overcrowded LA. Crazy change of pace.

Now that the craziness is out of the way, on to more enjoyable things. I'm still waiting for Red Dead Redemption to hit. The multiplayer on that game looks innovative. We'll see if it pays off. Still been putting my time into Battlefield: BC2. Servers are running fairly well, with the occassional hiccup. Beat the new downloads for Mass Effect 2. Very cool stuff. Just finished it on insanity. That's the best way to play it.

I've been working on the colors for our long overdue superhero project. I'm trying to get a page of that out soon.

I'm going to try and get more updates for WHN as well. Maybe bump to twice a week depending on Locke's schedule. __________________________________________ -Burk

"Things are lining up for old Liz Lemon."

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