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February 12, 2010
Writer's Block

The MS Paint Production is pretty self explanatory. I've been crushed by massive writer's block. And not just the amazing games that have come out the past couple of weeks. I've run through Mass Effect 2 a few times. And I quite enjoy it. Epic story. Some badass characters. And plenty of action. I do wish however that there were more items and a little bit more customization of characters. But a solid winner. I'm going back through on insanity. Bioshock 2 also hit. And I'm currently finishing it up. Quite a bit of improvement over the first in terms of gameplay. Story wise I think it's almost as good as the first, but not quite. I recommend picking it up. I am looking forward to Heavy Rain. This one should be fun. Played the AvP multiplayer demo and I really enjoyed it. I found a good balance between the characters. I hope the team deathmatch will live up to my expecations.

I'll try to work on writing something in the meantime. I wanted to do some more random comics before going into the next story arc. But the well is running dry. __________________________________________ -Burk

"My god what's happening to me?"

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