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June 12, 2009
A Gamer's Story: Fin

I'm alive again. Reanimated. Full of vigor. I'm sorry that was a lie. But comics have resumed a some what scheduled program. Locke has a summer job working for the guv'mnt. Which keeps him somewhat occuppied. Or at least cuts into his gaming time.

Speaking of which, games in the queue. Currently, I'm playing Prototype and I'm already starting to get a little bored. It plays generally like Hulk Ultimate Destruction; however, the story is rather lacking. More after I run through some more. I also have been unhealthily absorbed in playing Civilization Revolution. The game is pretty addicting. However, the computer does like to gang up on you if you start to pull ahead even a little. Playing as a team is also pretty fun.

Been running through classics again. Mass Effect, what a wonderful game. Still need to finish the new content for Fallout 3. A couple more levels to finish off the achievements.
I'm also currently looking forward to the new Fight Night Round 4. The demo was a big step forward for the series. Very cool.

As for the comic, this is the finale for the mini-arc A Gamer's Story. It was all a dream or at least an electric shock induced delusion. Either or. We should be starting up the next arc, which I'm looking forward to. __________________________________________ -Burk

"Girls will not let you kiss them on the butt."

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