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March 06, 2009
Stinkin' Badges

Kill Zone 2, for me anyways, has been a great game. The first real big multiplayer game for the PS3. Your basic setup of leveling to unlock more classes and weapons while performing various tasks with the class to unlock secondary abilities. And yes I have done this before during games where my team was winning and friendly fire was on. I need those badges.

Announcement time. What Happens Next will be switching to a Monday & Friday release schedule. We will be finally starting on our secondary project which was supposed to have started 3 years ago, but never did. I have officially registered the name The Second Age and am working on the site creation. All the kids seem to be using the Comic Press; so, I think I'm going to try and work with it. Now I need to brush up on some CSS skills. If anyone has any links or references, please send me some links. I hope to have the site ready for Monday.
__________________________________________ -Burk

"I'm a ninja. I'm a hoodie ninja."

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