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September 20, 2006
Deja Vu

It's been 2 years today since we
began our adventure into the
web comic world. And it has been
one hell of a ride. We've had
our fair share of bad games and
bad movies. We've gotten a giant
paperweight that is supposedly a
game system. And we've brought
you comic goodness pretty
consistently. Here is to another

Conor Mooney has begun his new
writing project. Go check it out.

On a lighter note. I hate school!
I mean I doubt I will be able to
use anything that I am learning
and apply it in the real world.
Except for maybe how to make a
knife out of some rocks, but that  
is it.

Enjoy the comic!



September 20, 2006
How Long Has It Been?

Wow, almost three hundred strips  
and two years. That's crazy. 
We've got a lot of help and 
support from people, but I 
think the person who deserves 
the most thanks, is me. That's 
right I'm the greatest and you 
should compare your life to mine
and then kill yourself. Just 
kidding. Thanks to everyone for
your support and here's to 
another two years.

By the way, I hear Mr. Mooney
is coming back from the 
mountains to start his comic 
again. He was up there and 
married a bear, or wrestled a
bear, or something. I'm not 
too sure on all the details.

"I don't fear death. Once I
die, my troubles are over."

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