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July 07, 2006
Are We There Yet?

I am currently being held in
captivity at a training seminar
for interns. They have also
taken my shoe laces. The food
however is good. They are
treating me well.

Once again you can get the new
wallpaper on Buzzcomix.
My Superman review will contain
spoilers involving plot because
that's where most of the
problems lie.

**Superman Returns Spoilers**

First off SR was an okay movie.
I had a hard time seeing where
all the money went though. The
parts where Superman was
actually in the movie were
pretty cool. Although, most
of the stuff he did was just
a lot of lifting. From the
Airplane crash rescue you
hope the movie will lead to a
giant build up but it doesn't
go anywhere. The airplane
rescue was probably the best
part of the movie in my
opinion which is too good
because it is very close to
the beginning. The actors
all played their parts pretty
well except for Lois Lane.
She seemed kind of whiny and
played down. Not the
wisecracking know it all she
should have been. I thought
Lex Luthor was still too zany
for my tastes. And what was
the deal with him stealing
from old ladies. This isn't
the diabolical Luthor we
know and love. And his plan
to make more land and have
alien technology. The land
he created was unlivable and
I didn't see one Kryptonian
ray gun. The overall "plan"
was pretty lame. And why does
Superman not plan on Lex
having Kryptonite. Lex always
has Kryptonite. And the kid
wasn't as annoying as he
could have been I guess. He
was tolerable, but I knew
he was Supes' kid from the
beginning. I would have been
more surprised if it turned
out he wasn't his kid.
Overall, a good movie to
see in theaters. Once at
least. It's not a repeater
like Spider-Man or Batman
Begins. The sequel may be
better if they throw in a
villian to combat Superman.
I think that's what the
movie was lacking. It almost
felt like a remake of the
first movie rather than a
continuation. That's my

Enjoy the comic!


"My blood hurts."

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