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February 06, 2006
He Really Has A Lot 
Of Things Going For Him

One thing that never made sense
to me in movies that take place
in the mind scape is that the 
person should have total control
over the world and themselves.
You'd be all powerful.

Hobbes had an interview at Block
Buster Video and he thinks he 
has a good chance at getting the
job. He apparently also has a 
steady girlfriend. Unfortunately,
he probably won't pass his drug 
test for the job, due to his 
horrible cocaine addiction. And 
he'll ruin it with his girl 
because, sooner or later, she'll
realize he has problems. I'm 
talking weird problems. STD 
problems. He probably won't tell
her and pass on his horrible 
diseases. This is a sick world 
we're living in, with some sick

In WoW related news, we have, 
once again, changed servers and
characters. We decided to be 
Alliance this time so if any of
you readers out there play (I'm
pretty sure at least one of you
plays) I'm on the Detheroc 
server under the name Casshan. 
See you on the inter-web.


"Curse your sudden, but 
inevitable, betrayal!"

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