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Novembe 4, 2005
Between Elves And Trolls

Treasure Trolls. Whatever happened
to those things? Those things used
to creep me out. With their big
hair, creepy smiles, and that
hypnotic jewel placed into their
stomaches. Blood Elves, Night 
Elves with different skin. I think
it's a lack of imagination on
Blizzard's part. Maybe I'm wrong.
They might turn out to be the
greatest race ever. I am not sure
what the new Alliance race will be
but I hope it isn't happy Trolls.
Maybe some time of Ogre. Ogres are
cool. But the new profession is
Jewel Crafting. Jewel Crafting +
Happy Trolls = Treasure Troll.

Enjoy the comic!


"A naked American man stole my 

November 4, 2005
Best Idea Ever
I think that adding treasure 
trolls to the Alliance is a 
golden idea.

I think it is kind of weak that 
they just added Blood Elves, but
I can deal with it as long as 
they add other races too. I would
have prefered some type of cool 
wolf people, that would be 


"It's cool to be me."

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