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August 01, 2005
GTA: Mod City

I'm not really sure what it takes to play
the GTA: San Andreas sex mini-game. It may
be only for the PC version but I'm not
sure. Yeah Yeah. This is old news but I
didn't want to interrupt the current story
line. But it did stir up enough brewhaha
to get the man to look at the ratings
scale. Oh well, we shall what can of worms
this opens. I am so ready to be done with
work. I'm not ready to go back to classes
but I am done working. No more work for
me. About two weeks of staring at a
computer screen and getting paid for it.
I'm sure there's more stuff to it but I
really haven't been paying attention.
Not much to report on the entertainment
end of things. No games or movies of
interest have come out.

Enjoy the strip.


"Rocko the dancing bear."

August 01, 2005
Starting Over And Over And Over...

So we started over in WoW; Alliance this 
time. We're on the Dark Iron PvP server.  
It's the same server as Mr. Kurtz's alts.  
Yes, he is Horde on this server so 
hopefully we'll be able to have great 
battles against him. We haven't started a 
guild yet, or ever before. We're around 
level ten, so message Burk or Keys if you 
wish to chat or fight along side us.


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