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June 27, 2005
Kart Racer

Has anyone else thought about doing this? Or is it
just me? I haven't been riding in a go kart in a
long time. I really can't remember the last time I
even saw a go kart. Do they still exist? Or have
they been replaced like everything else in this
modern crazed world?

Saw Land of the Dead. I must say I enjoyed this 
movie quite a bit. Zombies are creepy to begin
with, but a zombie with intelligence. Mankind does
not stand a chance. Zombies last weekend; aliens
this week. I am going to watch War of the Worlds
and it will be good.

Played Burnout 3. Awesome game. I am not really
big into the racing genre. I've stuck to the Mario
Kart and the fantasy genre. Burnout 3 combined
actual driving with my love of wanton mayhem. And
it was good. The crashes were cool to watch each
time. The racing was based upon rewards for being
extreme. Big risks = big rewards. There are tons
of missions and lots of cars to collect. The
graphics were pretty good, but I don't have
really anything to compare it to. As I said
before, I don't play the racing genre that much.
My vote would be to give this a rent, but me
I may end up adding this one to my library.

Enjoy the comic.


"That's the saltiest thing I've ever tasted,
and once I ate a big heaping bowl of salt."
June 27, 2005
I Don't Have A Problem With Denial

Remember when I made a post about all the drama 
going around? Well, apprently Burk sent it to 
Scott Kurtz.
The original e-mail was this:
     Here, I thought your might enjoy this.
To which he responded:
     I think the most ironic thing about this 
     is how your main characters in the background 
     are drawn in a totally ripped off PA Style.
"Ripped off PA style." That is freaking awesome.  
For someone like Kurtz to respond to us and to 
actually draw comparisons between my work and 
Gabe's is truly great. Gabe influenced me a lot in 
my cartooning skills, and for someone to notice is 
amazing. And to compliment me on it. Thank you Mr. 
Kurtz, and all my loyal readers should send a thank 
you e-mail to him as well.
In other news, we'll be attending the San Diego 
Comic Con. More news later. Also, did you guys 
check out page 3?


"You are afraid Mr. Wayne, but not of me."
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