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April 15, 2005
It Is War

This weekend I will be playing lots of WoW. I have
not really had a chance to in a while. Been busy
with school and what not. I may also rent Doom 3
and check out the online co-op mode. I hear it is
the shiznite. The PSP is still awesome. I need to
pick up a couple more games for it. I have slowly
gotten better using the Wacom tablet and further
in the future may pick up a better one. Not much
to report at this time. I have a copy of Jade
Empire but my X-Box crapped out on me. So I have
to play it on Lockes. I will have an update on
Monday. Enjoy the strip!


"There! Now no one can say I don't own John
Larroquette's spine."

April 15, 2005
Five Minute Rule
You know the one. If a piece of food has been on 
the ground shorter than five minutes, it is still 
perfectly good. And don't try and to correct me on 
the time duration, I know what I said.
I just read a review for WHN by Nate Frisoli. I 
have to thank him for his kind words and I would 
like to point out a few things. It's true that the 
comic art is, indeed, a lot like Penny-Arcade. This 
can attributed to Mike Krahulik, who influenced me 
the most in my cartooning style and to start a web 
comic in the first place. I also watch a lot of Kim 
Possible, so that also adds to things. I could do 
the art like the Full Metal Burn sketches in the 
gallery, but I want to keep the art style light and 
cartoonish. Plus, I'm not sure if I could put out a 
webcomic three times a week if I did the art 
seriously. However, I am starting to make the WHN 
style my own. After all, doesn't everyone start out 
drawing like their favorite artist, but eventually 
create their style? I don't know maybe I'm wrong.  
Anyway, a big thanks to Nate Frisoli for the nice 
things he said and I am going block the bad things 
from my memory.
I'm going to try and have the first FMB page up on 
Monday. I've been spending this time working on how
to draw machines and other mechanical devices.

"The bun is in your mind."

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