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December 31, 2004
The Force Is Strong In This One

KOTOR II is great. They did not add a
whole lot to the game, but it is a new
story with cool powers. The most notable
addition is the ability to influence the
behavior of your allies. If you are evil
and hold enough influence over them. They
themselves start to become evil and vice
versa if good. I can not tell yet if it is
going to be longer than the last. The one
thing I do not care for is the load times.
I am against the loading. Sometimes it is
necessary but I do not think this game is
pressing the X-Box's limitations in any
way. Well I have decided go ahead and start
the next story line. Enjoy!


"I am a Jedi no more."

December 31, 2004
Happy Whatever

Behold the Christmas pic! Regular WHN strips
will resume on Monday. Until then, enjoy the
holiday festivies. Wait! What are you doing
reading the strip anyway? You should be
having fun with your family. Merry Christmas,
Happy Chanukah, Happy Quanzaw, and whatever
it is you celebrate.


"Prime told me there'd be days like this!"

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