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November 24, 2004
A Little Older, A Little Dumber

Well, It is finally break time from craptastic
school. But they found a way to screw me over.
I have to work on a speech and a programming
project. They have no souls. I always think
monkeys are funny. Monkeys wearing clothing.
The Jim Nothing adventure is behind us, and
we are looking towards the future. We will
be starting the next story very soon. If I
can get Locke off of his fat duff.


"I plead the fifth."

November 24, 2004

Well this story arc is nearly complete. 
Finally, I'll be able to get back to just 
drawing a couple of characters a strip, 
instead of a big group. I'm gonna start work 
on a teaser picture for a project. It's 
called After the End of the World and it 
should be cool.  It's got giant robots, 
everyone likes those, right? I'll get some 
sketches online and then get the final teaser 
up. Gonna start and try and finish the new 
character pages during Thanksgiving break. 
I could really use the time to get ahead and 
start the next few strips. Burk's birthday 
is coming up on the 23rd, so drop him an 


"I wish I had pants."

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