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September 22, 2004

There comes a time in every young man's life
when he has to make a drastic decision, homework
or gaming. Fable has already consumed several
hours of my life. I thought it was a fun game
and am playing through again. I do agree that
it is a short game, but there are a lot of sub-
quests to do. On another note I picked up the
Star-Wars DVD set. It's awesome. Nuff said.



I have gotten around to posting the edited
version of today's strip. I really didn't
think I needed to, but I guess I have to. I'll
do it after I'm done writing a paper for

September 22, 2004
My Rant Is Late.
As the title suggests, this rant is later than 
it should be.  I had a lot of homework to do, 
but I'm finally up to doing it and working on 
the next strip. I want to thank anyone reading 
the strip.  I hope you stay with us from its 
infancy to (hopefully) a long life.  If you 
read the strip today and you're reading it 
again later you may notice a slight change.  
I have edited Burk's shirt from the original 
version.  It originally had violence (It says 
"Violence is the answer" for anyone wondering) 
spelled with an "A" in panel 3. Bad Locke, 
spell right damn you! 
Check out Penny-Arcade.  Gabe is the man I 
styled my art from.  He along with a lot of 
other artists at the link page have influenced 
me a lot in my art form.  So check out the links 
page,go to these websites and demand they mention 
What Happens Next in one of their posts.  Maybe 
we'll get a link from one of them.
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