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The last comic The next comic

September 20, 2004
Under Construction

Still working on making the site look pretty.

September 20, 2004
We'll lead as two kings


Welcome to What Happens Next.  In this area, you'll find 
my rants about video games, movies, and the secrets of 
the universe.  This is my first rant, but I promise they'll
get better, so keep coming back.I am the artist of the strip
and co-writer/creator. Burk is the head writer and you may 
get a few strips from our associate, Hobbes, occassionally.  
The characters are based on myself and people I know, but 
the characters get in funnier and better situations than I 
do.  My art style probably seems familiar, if it does check 
out the links page.  I'm sure you'll find the artist whose 
art style influenced me the most. Check back every Monday, 
Wednesday, and Friday for the next comic, and a better rant.

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