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Hobbes is the bane of Locke's 
existence. Hobbes tries hard at 
whatever he does. He currently 
works at the local movie theater.
Time and time again he abandons 
Burk and Locke to hang out with 
the opposite sex. No one even 
remembers how they became friends.
Even though he does have some what
of a cool factor going for him, 
don't underestimate his gaming 
skills. He is better at Burk at a
good shooter, but is no match for
him on the dance pad. He can go toe
to toe at a good FPS, but is no 
challenge for Locke. After being 
kicked out of their dorm, Hobbes 
allowed Burk and Locke to move in
with him. A decision he may end 
up regretting.
All works are copyright Billy and Brad Porter © 2004 - End of Time
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