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	Name: Brad Porter
	What he does: Writer/Website
	Personality: Otaku
	Occupation: Full-Time Cubicle Jockey/Part-Time Slacker

	I like anime, music, and movies. But I love video games more. 
	Getting paid for messing with video games is my ultimate goal. 
	Check out the comic. Tell everyone you know. And even people
	you don't.

	Name: Bill Porter
	What he does: Writer/Artist
	Personality: 1337
	Occupation: Full-Time student/Freelance Artist/Bohemian
	I am creator, co-writer, and artist for WHN...I also play 
	video games, enjoy anime, and watch movies.  I want to find 
	a woman who likes me for who I am and not for my money.  
	Although, I am willing to give her fifty dollars.
All works are copyright Billy and Brad Porter 2004 - End of Time All rights reserved